Congratulations on your new home !!!


So the closing date is near...what should you do??


We handle many of these types of cleanings and know the ins & outs.  If you're lucky, the seller is letting you have some access to the house in order to get estimates for work to be done.  If not, set up the cleaning estimate for during the walk-through.  This way we can determine the number of people needed to clean, and also give you a price.


Chances are that the contract states the seller must leave the house "Broom Clean".  This essentially means that it should be clear of all the sellers belongings, trash included.  At the very minimum, the house should be swept.  Ask your realtor to find out if the seller intends to have the house professionally cleaned.  If that's the case, your in luck!


A house that is completely empty of belongings is the perfect time to do a full cleaning.  Having the same cleaning done after you are moved in will be more expensive because the cleaning technicians now have to work around your belongings.


A thorough move-in cleaning by Genie Maids would include the following, but can be adjusted to meet your needs and budget:


All Rooms:

- Clean interiors of windows

- All woodwork hand-cleaned.  Includes doors, door frames, window frames and baseboards.

- Heater boards/vents cleaned

- Floors vacuumed / mopped

- All closet shelving cleaned

- Clean light fixtures other than chandeliers

- Cobwebs removed

- Clean Carpets



- Everything listed under "All Rooms"

- Vanities & medicine cabinets cleaned inside and out

- Mirrors cleaned

- Bathtub, shower, toilet & sink cleaned / disinfected



- Everything listed under "All Rooms"

- Interior and exterior of kitchen cabinets cleaned / disinfected.

- Back-splashes cleaned

- Interior & exterior of all appliances

- Counters cleaned and disinfected

- Floors vacuumed / mopped.


Garage, attic, unfinished basement:

- Remove cobwebs

- Sweep-out




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