So your putting your house on the market or it's already sold...


What's next??


If your listing your home soon, then you'll want to get and keep it in tiptop shape while it's being shown to potential buyers.  Getting on a regular schedule with Genie Maids will take care of that, and help relieve some of stress involved in selling a house .  We are also very good at accommodating last minute cleanings for when your real-estate agent springs a showing on you with little notice.  If you have already sold you home, keep reading....


If you have already sold your home, then you might be thinking that you wont have time to clean it before the closing.  That's where we can help.  Be sure to speak to your realtor so that expectations of cleanliness are met.  You don't want any problems from the buyer at the closing!  Many contracts state the house must be left "Broom Clean".  This means that it should be clear of all your belongings, trash included.  At the very minimum, the house should be swept.  When a customer asks us for our opinion as to how far to take the cleaning, we suggest cleaning the bathrooms and kitchen thoroughly so that the buyer feels they can use these areas without having to clean them.  Doing the minimum could result in an argument at closing if the buyer feels the house is not clean enough to move-in.  Here is what we suggest, at least in our neck of the woods!


All Rooms:

- Remove cobwebs

- Vacuum / mop flooring



- Everything listed under "All Rooms"

- Vanities & medicine cabinets cleaned inside and out

- Mirrors cleaned

- Bathtub, shower, toilet & sink cleaned / disinfected



- Everything listed under "All Rooms"

- Interior and exterior of kitchen cabinets cleaned / disinfected.

- Back-splashes cleaned

- Interior & exterior of all appliances

- Counters cleaned and disinfected

- Floors vacuumed / mopped.


Garage, attic, unfinished basement:

- Remove cobwebs

- Sweep-out



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