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Service Type:

Most of our customers opt for the standard cleaning which is outlined below.  Some customers are looking more for housekeeping, which would add in such services as ironing, laundering sheets & towels, organizing closets and cabinets, folding laundry, etc.





Our services are available as often as you like... daily, weekly, or every 2, 3 or 4 weeks, occasional & one-time visits.



This depends mainly on the size of your home and what you would like Genie Maids to do for you.  If you tend to keep your home clutter-free, this will lower the price.  If you have pets which shed, this may raise the price.  Other considerations... how often you would like us to clean for you?  What you would like accomplished during our visit?  Your budget is our concern.  If you want to exclude a room or two to keep the price down, not a problem.  If you manage the dusting and only want the Bathrooms, floors and kitchen cleaned, not a problem.  Many of our current customers originally assumed that the cost of cleaning was beyond their budget.  Our flexibility makes it affordable.



There is no contract for you to sign.  Many cleaning companies require you to sign a contract which restricts you from rescheduling your cleaning date, and even charges you the full amount if you call in advance to skip a cleaning.  Genie Maids relies on its' results to keep you as a valued customer, not a contract.  We understand that circumstances may arise which could make our visit more of a stress rather than the relief we strive to provide.  Our flexibility is your gain.



What to expect with each visit:


- All Rooms

Dust wall hangings, ceiling fans, lamps, furniture and shelving.  Cobwebs removed, carpets vacuumed, bear flooring vacuumed and mopped. Vacuum under couch cushions, empty wastebaskets and bring trash to your specified area.


- Bathrooms

Clean the Shower, tub, toilet, sink, counter-top, mirrors, wall hangings, back-splashes and floor.


-  Kitchen

For small appliances we clean the inside and outside of toasters, toaster-ovens, coffee pots and microwaves.  The outside of large appliances including the range-top are cleaned each time.  Anything on the counters is moved to clean behind and underneath, cabinets & back-splashes are spot-cleaned, sink is scrubbed, and floors are vacuumed and mopped.


- Details

With each visit, our cleaners tackle details in a couple of rooms.  This would include cleaning and sanitizing baseboards, doors, door frames and window frames.  As they rotate this around the house with each visit, your home is sure to be kept nice and clean.


Additional Services Available:

Laundry washing & folding, Refrigerators, ovens, Changing of linens, cleaning unfinished basements & attics, garages & windows.

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