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If you rent a property, you know the importance of having a reliable company to handle the turnover between renters.


We not only do the cleaning, we also look for damage or abuse and notify you if we find anything out of the ordinary.  We are able to text pictures to you immediately so that you may contact the renter  in a timely manner.


A rental property turning over several times a month is generally cleaned as follows:


- Wash all linens and either re-make beds or leave the folded sheets out.

- Vacuum and dust the entire house.

- Clean all bathrooms; removing used toiletries from vanities and medicine cabinets.

- Clean the kitchen including interiors of appliances.  Cabinets and drawers are checked for cleanliness.

- Dispose of all perishable food left behind.

- Collect and remove all trash.


Here are some rental agreement items to think about from a cleaning companies standpoint.


- Do you supply linens such as sheets & towels?

Supplying these items will increase the cleaning cost since doing laundry and making beds is added to the list.  This can get expensive if the laundry takes longer than the actual cleaning.  What you end up paying for is the cleaner waiting around for laundry or having to return to the house at a later time.  We have many customers who request that the renter supply their own sheets and towels.


- Turnover day and time.

Weekends are popular days for turnovers.  If at all possible, try for a weekday.  Generally you will pay a bit less.  As for Sundays, all companies will charge a premium.  As for the time, have check-out at 10:00am and check-in at 4:00pm.  You may be able to shorten the turnover time a bit if the house is small.


- Penalty for late check-out?

State in the rental agreement that a cleaning crew will arrive at a specific time, and that they will not enter the house until it is completely vacant.  State that a 15 minute delay in vacancy will result in a $70.00 charge from their deposit, and then $100 for each hour after that.  If there are 4 cleaners waiting for tenants to vacate, you may be charged for this.


As for setting up your cleanings, contact us in early spring to view your property.  We can provide you a quote and begin reserving your turnover dates.


Additionally, we offer a "check-up" service where we check on homes which are vacant.  We look for any potential problems or issues both in and outside of the house.  We can also be available to meet other service providers such as plumbers or exterminators should you be unavailable.




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